cukimber (pronounced Q-KIM-BER) is a bold, colorful, and fresh lifestyle brand that aims to inspire people to have fun, and go beyond and above your dreams. Starting from paintings, self taught artist and designer Kimberly J. Wong expanded her creations into product lines that include clothing, homeware, and accessories.

Kimberly J. Wong’s journey into design began in 2009, after moving from New York to rural Japan. There, she started designing earrings. After moving to China, Kimberly developed her jewelry line and concurrently, her eye for dress design with tailors by trying all forms of fabric and style, each one popping with bright colors.

Kimberly continued to refine her unique painting style and aesthetic in a local painting studio. After being offered a painting exhibition at a gallery in Shanghai, Kimberly found herself wondering if she could merge her painting and her dresses into one, and launched her clothing line in 2019 in Xintiandi Plaza in Shanghai, China.

Recently repatriated back to NYC, cukimber is ready for the next chapter.



As featured in TimeOut, 1626, That's, Talk Magazine, Thrillist
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