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cukimber (pronounced Q-KIM-BER) is a bold, colorful, and fresh lifestyle brand that aims to inspire people to have fun, and go beyond and above your dreams. Starting from paintings, self taught artist and designer Kimberly J. Wong expanded her creations into product lines that include clothing, homeware, and accessories. 

cukimber has shown work in both Asia and the US, having been in Tokyo Design Festa, American Handcrafted, and more. Currently a member of New York Handmade Collective. 

When something is forever infused in you, no matter how many times you try to run away from it (in my case, being an artist) for fear of failure, it will show up again and again until finally, you stop holding back any longer.

This is my fearless, bold, unbridled joyful journey of living in full color. My inspiration comes from wanting to express love, joy, and freedom to be myself. Art is how I found myself.

I aspire to inspire you to chase after yours too.



As featured in TimeOut, 1626, That's, Talk Magazine, Thrillist
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