Roaring 2022 - Year of the Tiger

You never know who you can meet as long as you keep putting yourself out there. Around 3 years ago before I even established cukimber as an actual company, a woman happened to remember my designs at a small market I hardly sold anything yet. She tracked me down a couple months ago to collaborate. I learned about the design process of carpets, and was able to combine by aestethic of a very bold love love of colors and patterns, and my knowledge from F&B and working in interior design, to a very first carpet just in time for the new year. In less than 24 hours of the release, 2 out of 3 colors have sold out of the Roaring 2022 Year of the Tiger capsule carpet collection. So pleased with the beautiful quality and precision it took to bring my designs to life for the floor. Wishing everyone a great Lunar New Year, and to keep going after a good rest!