about cukimber

 Designed by: Kimberly Wong 黄敬一

Kimberly Wong is a Shanghai based Chinese American entrepreneur, mixed media artist, and fashion designer.

Her journey into fashion design began in 2009, designing earrings while living in rural Japan. After moving to China in 2011, Kimberly developed her jewelry line and concurrently, her eye for dress design with tailors by trying all forms of fabric and style, each one popping with bright colors.

Throughout the years in Shanghai, she mostly has spent her time in the healthy food & beverage industry, most notably as a former partner of Sproutworks.

While concurrently building a new restaurant, Kimberly continued to refine her unique painting style and aesthetic in at Sip & Paint, a studio in the Former French Concession. After being offered a painting exhibition at a gallery in Shanghai, Kimberly found herself wondering if she could merge her painting and her dresses into one. And so, she primarily self-taught to get to where she is today.

cukimber was born as a fashion label to share her colorful creations with the world.

Kimberly been a past speaker for food & beverage as well as entrepreneurship and design, and published author.  

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