Bohemian Dreams

The Collection

The debut collection of cukimber is called Bohemian Dreams, after the lifestyle where one consciously or unconsciously secedes from conventionality in life and in art - what it means in today‚Äôs world to be different and to make a statement. 

This first collection of colorful textiles from Kimberly J. Wong show her devotion to free-form creations flowing from her intuition onto different surfaces. Each form where the designs are applied, whether it is fabrics for dresses, shirts, and pants - or even ceramics and other home goods - is meant to bring a little more color and beauty into your life. 

Feminine, Ephemeral, Bold and Flowing
we hope you enjoy the journey.

see the dream


Wrap dresses in Bohemian Dream prints

Tote Bags

Carry your things in Bohemian style


Unconventional prints to keep you warm


Home goods painted with cukimber designs


Original cukimber artworks



Artisinal pieces handcrafted for you

how to buy

The cukimber: bohemian dreams collection is currently being exhibited and sold in Shanghai from June 22, 2019 onwards at:

Xintiandi Plaza, 333 Middle Huaihai Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

If any of these items interest you, please visit our pop up store or contact cukimber using the form below.

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